Changing Goals

Let me first start by saying, I don’t mean this to be one of those rants where a yogi tries to convince everyone else to become a yogi….

I have given up on the km goal because I keep getting myself injured and let’s face it – I much prefer the swimming to the biking and the running…

I am currently nursing a sprained MCL and sore lower hamstring.

I have really taken to Bikram yoga – it is the first exercise where I can feel my core getting stronger and can see quick changes in my body.

Plus, I find it really helps with stress.  I tend to hold of lot of tension in my neck and shoulders and many of the poses that are specific to Bikram totally help.

So… I am working on a new goal – especially since it is doctor approved.


I’m so LAZY.

I am actually not.  I have however, gotten quite better at keeping up with my workouts.

I really should start writing here – but I haven’t.  Mostly because I am doing a lot of writing – here.

I do hope to get back to this and keep it updated.

Vacation Workouts

I spent the last week in the Dominican Republic.

The beautiful all inclusive had a gym at the nearby sister hotel, but not at our location.  We did however have an ocean.  It was clear crystal blue water.  In fact, I actually tried to swim from the one hotel to the other hotel.


It is about 1000m.  I thought to myself: that is nothing… I can do that…  I have swam miles!  Woah… was I wrong.  I like to believe that the current was super strong, but I suppose it’s me who isn’t super strong.  I swam and swam and swam and went absolutely nowhere.   Then I kept swimming and still went nowhere.  Luckily my friends gave me a 10 minute head start, so I didn’t have that far to catch up when I got out of the water.


I must say, I was super thankful for the amazing pool.  I know I have mentioned my love for the 50m lanes.  This pool was even longer.  And there were not that many people swimming in it, so it was easy to jump in a do a few laps.

I don’t think I did too much working out on vacation.  I do think it’s the last time, I take sneakers.  I probably had an imprint of the lounge chair on my back.  I did manage to do about 10 laps each day – which  is something.  

I could really use some tips for fitting in workouts in my ever so busy schedule of reading by the pool, having drinks by the beach and then reading by the pool.  Thoughts?


I ran yesterday.

I have been using an app to help me train for a 10K race.  It’s nice because it doesn’t require me to run more than three times a week, which works well with my schedule since I actually prefer to swim.  And this version of a couch to 10K actually alerts you when to start jogging, even if you are playing your own music or your phone is locked – both nice for me.

So far, it’s been fun.  Most of the runs are quite doable and involves interval training with a warm up and a cool down.  Week 4 was run 5 min, walk 2.5 min, and then run 3 min.  Week 5 moved a little faster than I was ready.  Run 8 minutes straight – out of nowhere.  This app definitely encouraged me to keep moving, when I really wanted to quit.  Although, I thought I might get sick there for a second…

I want to keep going – but, I accidentally looked ahead: Run 20 min, no walking!

Instead… I went for a swim.

New Gym Energy

I don’t know what it is about this new gym…

It might be the change or the $100 joining fee or maybe that it is much closer to my house.  It doesn’t hurt that there are those 50 meter lanes and that since it’s an aquatic facility, there is usually an open treadmill.

At any rate… I like to go.  I am excited about my workout routine.

I want to swim, and actually have begun planning my day around getting to the gym.

I even went for a swim mid-afternoon yesterday, a Sunday.  I think this was my fourth swim since I started.   I have been slowly increasing my distance – starting at 1600m a week or so ago.  The facility splits some of the lanes in half, so that the swim team can swim uninterrupted.  So, I have done some of my laps in the 50yd half of the pool.  My goal Sunday was 2000m.  It is definitely a larger ask in a 50m lane than in the 25 yard lane.  I do enjoy coming to the end of the workout, knowing I pushed myself and that I don’t have much energy left.  I am still at a point, where I am trying to build up my stamina.  I am not even timing myself in the pool.

I must say – it will take a long time to get to 2014km if I am only doing 2km a day.

Snow Day, Fun Day?

Baltimore was hit with an impressive 8 inches of snow, which basically shuts down the entire city.  And definitely shut down my gym and my spa – so both my workout and massage were cancelled (I know, I know… first world problems).  I love the snow, so I was ready to play.  I took the dog for a walk. I shoveled my walk and my neighbor’s walk.  I dug out my car.  I was definitely going a little stir crazy. I watched A LOT of Showtime.  I managed to do a little cleansing and prepared a bag or two to take to the thrift store.   


Thank goodness that when work was closed again the second day, the rest of the world still came to life.

The gym was open.  There is something very satisfying about sleeping in and still being able to check off a nice swim work out before 11am.  I wasn’t sure that I was going to make it.  I tried for 2000m, which would be 400m more than my first swim of the year.  I wanted to quit at about 14oom, but pushed through it and swam a full 1700m.  The great thing about the 50m, is once you start the lap, you have to swim the whole 100.  The worst thing about the 50m lane, is that  is once you start the lap, you have to swim the whole 100m.  I finished that 17th lap with very little gas.  Although, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t make 2000m, it was a great feeling to know that I had given it all I got.

Then I topped of day 2 of snow with a flat tire.  I did, however, manage to get in a decent arm workout changing it myself (well mostly).  I think when you add that to the shovel work, it counts.

50 Meter Lanes

So, yesterday I told y’all that I joined and new gym: The Meadowbrook Aquatic and Fitness Center. I have been a handful of times a few years back and liked it then, but had a few reservations about joining full time.  I left a gym that was mostly for gym fanatics.  The pool was a nice retreat because most of the folks did lots of weightlifting and treadmill running.

I went for my first swim today – they have 50 meters lanes.  I jumped in the pool and was like, “Hooray, 50 meter lanes!”.  This pool is mostly known around town as the Michael Phelps pool.  There are a lot of fast swimmers there.  Swim teams train there (many wore London 2012 caps).  Everyone has great technique – It is good to be surrounding by fast swimmers; they are motivating, but also a little intimidating; kinda the way PINK was at the Grammy’s.  Michael Phelps swam there.  He has gold medals.  I figure, I swim there, maybe I can win gold medals. 🙂

Then I swam 4 laps (400 m) and was like “Oh crap, 50 meters lanes!”.  These swimmers are fast.  They are passing me when only using a kick board.  I felt slow.  But I also felt strong.  I managed to finish an entire mile (well 1600m), but I am not quite convinced I wasn’t dog paddling the last 200m.

It was a really great workout, except I forgot my towel… Leaves quite a bit of room for improvement.