I ran in the Baltimore Women’s Classic yesterday.   I was very nervous because I have not been running well and I have been setting personal records all year (mostly because this is the year for running).  Well, my fears came to fruition, yet I survived and lived to run another race.  I finished the 5k in 31:34 min.  My best time was a slightly faster 31:30 min.  Nevertheless, it was a great race!

I had no idea that the Baltimore Women’s Classic is the second oldest women’s race in the country.  There were just under 3000 women running this 5k around Federal Hill and Silo Point.  It was a very well organized event with great sponsors and vendors.  The race even started with a warm up song or two with Lynn Bricks.  Even though the course was mostly flat, I struggled at little in the heat.  I was tempted to bring my fuel belt, but I don’t usually have trouble wanting water with runs under 3 mile.

The good news is that I have now consistently run the last three 5ks in just over 30 min.  I really would like to finish in under 30 minutes.  But, when I just go for a run, I am between 10-11 minute miles.  It is going to take some serious raining on speed work for me to take a minute off my time.

Luckily, I have some ideas and now some extra motivation.