After chatting with a new friend of mine about her fitness blog, I realized it had been weeks, since I have been on schedule. This week, I actually made a renewed commitment to my training, which makes this a perfect time to commit to blogging.

July is shaping up to be a great month to get back on track with my training.

I have gotten back on the wagon, well to be more specific – the bike. I have started biking to work.  My job usually requires a great deal of driving, but lately, I have been stationed in the office.  The office is only 2.2km from my house.  It also has terrible parking.  I have often spent 20 minutes looking for parking.  I looked at my bike computer – and it is downhill all the way to work and I am actually only biking for 7 minutes of biking, the rest of the 15 minutes is sitting at stop lights.  It takes me slightly longer to get home – that generous downhill only makes for a mean uphill.  Although, 4.4km a few times a week is not going to get me ready for a 40k.

I am still looking for a decent spin class at my current gym. I have gone to three different classes. So far, the instructors are very nice, but require a great deal of personal motivation. The best one was with Mike, who did the whole class with a Michael Jackson playlist. At this time, 60 minutes on the bike is difficult… I am certainly not ready to also train my mind; which is why I go to the class.  It’s much better for me when the instructor uses imagery and convinces me I am in a race. I definitely have a competitive streak. So when she says, “only three racers to beat, let’s catch them on the climb”, it is much more motivating, then “steady climb for 2 more minutes”.

April and May sidetracked me with a little vacation and an illness.  But, two of my races in June have helped me remember why this was the year I embraced running and now biking.