It is Saturday, the 2nd of July, although all my days have totally blended together.  The trip to the Island of Naxos, where my Swim Trek begins, has been less than smooth.

Due to the troubles in Greece, our initial connecting flight to Athens was changed – and left 10 minutes before we arrived in Heathrow.  After a long stressful conversation with the BMI people, we had a new flight, arriving in Athens, the next morning via Frankfurt.  However, we left Heathrow very late, which made us very worried we would miss our connection in Frankfurt.  Just our luck, that plane was also very late.  Our luck ran out as we arrived in Athens, and our bags did not.

We arrived in Athens, taxied to Piraeus only to find that the Ferries were on strike and we couldn’t get another ticket until Saturday Morning.  Once again, walking around most of the day we found a ferry that would leave at 11, just as the strike was ending.  We took the Blue Star Ferries, which was quite nice.  We sat in the lounge and had couches to sleep on overnight.

Upon arrival,  we walked around Naxos; it’s absolutely breathtaking.  We took a short swim in the sea to test out the water and then had a very nice dinner and walk.  Everyone is very nice – especially at the Hotel Grotto.  They have the most amazing breakfast spread every morning – which includes my favorite – all the Greek yogurt and honey I can eat.

I am finding myself adjusting to the time zone and the weather (especially with only a limited selection of clothes). Today we get on the ferry for Schinousa, where tomorrow morning, our swimming begins.  2km to Fidousa.