For the past three weeks, I have been traveling through the Greek Islands on a rigorous swim vacation.  I will definitely post some revelations from that trip in a few days!  However, it interrupted my training for my upcoming Olympic distance Pittsburgh Triathlon.

Boy, oh, boy, am I nervous.  This is my first attempt at an Olympic distance (1500 Meter Swim~40K Bike~10K Run).  I have been so focused on not drowning in the Aegean Sea, that I have neglected my road bike and sneakers.  For the entire weekend after I returned from Greece, I looked at my bike and tried to motivate myself by pumping up the tires.

Yesterday, I actually road the bike.  It is so hot here in the mid-Atlantic, I had to go in the morning.  I didn’t give myself enough time – but I road 12.5 miles, which feels a little like a triumph.  That is half the distance for the tri – the 40 k is feeling slightly more doable.  Then in the afternoon, the rain derailed my plan for a relaxing swim – so I ran 2 miles on the indoor track (remember my dislike for running – it certainly wasn’t happening when the scale is reading 95 F).

This felt great!  It turns out my swim vacation has still helped my biking and running.  I didn’t use the same muscles, so my legs were a little rusty – but my breathing  was A-OK.  I have improved my fitness level, even though I wasn’t training in these disciplines.

This is the first time in a long time, I felt happy with my workout.  I completed a modified brick for about 1/3 of the Tri.  If I can keep it up, then I will be able to finish it.  I haven’t even thought of setting a time goal – just completion.