Fitness is expensive, especially for an aspiring triathlete like me.  Of the three triathlon sports – running is probably the cheapest.  You basically need comfortable clothes and a pair of running shoes.  [They do not have to be expensive – but, it is imperative that they fit.]  Ok, I will also give you a pair of socks.  I forgot mine and had to buy new ones for the Annapolis Half Marathon.  I bought these Thorlo Socks in pink to go with my arm warmers.

Did I say arm warmers?  They make for a fantastic base layer when it is chilly at the race start.  I find it far easier to tuck these thin sleeves in my pocket or waste band than to run with a long sleeve shirt on my waist.  Besides those amazing socks, they are my most favorite purchase and have come in handy on my two most recent runs.

I can make a list of all the gear and apparel I want that I think will make me a better athlete, especially a Garmin Forerunner that can only help me run faster and farther.  And, these Mizuno Pants that will magically change sweat into warmth, destined to keep my butt warm.

Boy o’ boy is there a long list of wants.  But, how do I justify the price??? Do I buy it and hope that the desire to use it will provide motivation for training?  Do I wait and use it as a reward for a great race or for sticking to my training schedule?

Which is the better motivation: OWNING OR WANTING??

As of today – the arm warmers didn’t get me to run the day after Thanksgiving, but neither did the desire for my Garmin…

Any Thoughts?  What motivates you?