I do triathlons.  I am not yet a triathlete – but I have finished 4 triathlons and my times keep getting better.  I LOVE swimming, especially open water.  Even though you can’t see anything, it is so exhilarating to to be out in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.  I like biking.  I think it is hard – but, I feel great when I am done.  My legs feel strong and in 30 minutes, you can cover long distances (well for me, it’s only like 10 miles.. I like to blame the headwind).  But I hate running; I was running completely wrong.   At the beginning of this year, I embraced that pesky third part of the triathlon and decided I wasn’t going to let running beat me.  I was running regularly – about 3x – a week and found myself running farther and faster.

A minor injury and an intense sinus infection derailed my routine.  I could barely run – and I couldn’t swim without feeling like I was drowning.  I thought I would be excited to get back in the gym once I felt better, but I wasn’t.  I focused all my efforts on swimming so I was prepared for my 6km days swimming the islands of Greece.  My running and biking fell off completely.

It’s almost 2012.  I am going to make a new goal, since I did not meet my last goal.  Before I start thinking about goals and training schedules and PR’s and medals, I need to just get back in the gym.  I get intimidated, and I start making excuses.

I have a goal for the Celtic Solstice and to feel ready for that race, I gotta do something.  I have decided that something is always better than nothing.  When I am not ready for a 3 mile swim, I should still swim 30 laps.  When I don’t have time for 5 mile run, I can at least 1 mile or take the dog for a walk.  My body is ready for these workouts; I have to trick my brain into getting started.