first step to getting back on track – go to gym – check.

I had to tell myself 17 times during the day: You are going to the gym after work!

I made it.

I went for a swim.  I love swimming, so when I am forcing myself to do something – that is the best workout for me.

My gym has several cards for swim workouts like this one:

I am only good at swimming when I can think of something else besides counting strokes or laps.  I forgot my trusty lap counter, so a card like this is very helpful – giving me a focus and a way to get through the workout without actually remember the amount of laps I did.  Plus, there are about 8 cards for several different distances – half mile, about a mile, and up to two miles.  I have a 25m pool so a 200 is 8 laps

My About a Mile Swim:

Warm Up:

3×200 Free Stroke: i took a 30 sec rest after each 200

3×100 Back Kick: here is a demo, but it is basically the breast stroke frog kick on your back

4×50 Free Stroke: I modified because I can only do so much frog kicking!

Drill Set:

4×50 Free f/drag: this is a fingertip drag and teaches high elbows- swim free-style, but on recovery –  drag your fingers through the water focusing on good body roll and keeping your elbows pointed up

2×50 Catchup: still freestyle, but you only move one arm at a time, so the left arm remains out straight for the entire stroke, until the right arm hits the water, then continue switching arms – still confused – here is a demo

Speed Work:

4×50 Free on the Clock: Swim 50m, watching the clock, trying to swim faster (or, in my case –  not slower)

Easy 200 Free: Cool Down – swim easy, but still no stopping.