Yesterday’s workout was so fun!  I love swimming; it makes me feel strong.

Fitting in a workout today was a little tougher.  I am still struggling to get back to my morning workout routine.  I could not get myself out of bed.  So rather than fight the monument lighting traffic to get to the gym before my friend’s party tonight, I decided to work out with my wii.

I have both the Wii Fit and the EA Sports Active.  I went for the Sports Active because I wasn’t quite ready for the Wii Fit attitude (like the “uh oh”, for those of you who have the Wii Fit, you know what I am talking about).  I never really got into the challenges with the regular Sports Active, so I broke open the More Sports.

The more sports was fun.  But, it requires some open space in your living room – which in the city of Baltimore is easier said than done – and all this stuff (it comes with the regular game, but took some finding):

I like the More better because it starts and ends with stretching, although it was a little repetitive.  The workouts are fun and include tons of resistance training, an obstacle course and boxing.  It’s set on an island somewhere so all the graphics include water.  I did a lot of jumping rope – although, I think they could have had a dolphin or two jumping in the background to distract me from the counter.

What do you think???

I mean, really, look at all that water!!!

I  feel good because I was beginning to sweat after about 6 minutes and burned some calories.  I also had to do some ABS, which I hate, but is very good for me.  And, at least I got some sort of work out in.  I am beginning to forget the excuses and my body thanks me.

Plus, EA Sports thinks I’m FANTASTIC!