So, the “streak” ended today, already.

I am totally ok with that. I generally take Fridays as my free day. I have found that most things that distract me happen on Fridays: I drive out of town, I like to go to happy hour, and sometimes I am just plain exhausted from the week. Generally, I have to be at work super early, which makes hitting the gym in the am a little tough.
I have definitely found much more success with my workouts by planning on Friday as my off day. Then, I don’t get disappointed when I don’t get a run in and still feel justified having that glass of wine (let’s be honest – at least two).

Today was especially busy – because I had to rush home from work to find time to run some errands and pack for my trip to Mexico!!!!

Knowing that I wouldn’t make it to the gym, I made up for it with healthy meals and taking the stairs. I only work in the third floor, but man was I out of breath.

Adios Amigos. Hopefully, my next post will be about a swim in the beautiful Bandaras Bay.

PS – I felt some very minor soreness in my shoulders and abs from yesterday’s work out. I think that’s how you know it works. (I have zero core strength, so i expect two crunches to make my and hurt; but feeling it in the upper body is much more impressive).