I have now, for the most part, blessed you with all the Spanish I know. I was supposed to learn some Spanish before this trip. It seemed like a great idea three months ago when I was booking it. HA! If that isn’t the story of my life.

I spent the friday night before my long awaited trip at my traveling companion’s house to ease the transport to the airport. We stayed up late and woke up early. I slept a good portion on the first leg – why can’t a girl find a direct flight these days?? Sleeping proved to be helpful, because somehow I managed to board the plane with all of my electronics on low battery?!?!! I met a lovely couple on the second leg, who told me all about Puerto Vallarta, where to eat and where not to eat.

The airport and customs is a little nerve-racking. We arrived at the same time at 3 other planes – so we had to wait in line. And then, there is a corridor where high pressure people try to get you to buy a time share. We kept our heads low and walked straight ahead to an authorized taxi.

This hotel, the Villa del Palmar Flamingos is gorgeous. I got an amazingly great all inclusive deal through living social. I was slightly nervous buying over the Internet, but we researched and read tons of great reviews. There is an breathtaking pool and east beach access. Plus, waiters who walk around offering food and drink. I am cautiously watching what I drink throughout the day; it would be easy to down 12 piña coladas, when they a free and free flowing from Augustin.

My only complaint is that there isn’t free wireless. It is about 16 dollars per device, per day. I like the Internet, but when I am here to swim, read, relax, etc., can I really get 16 dollars worth every day?? Not buying in was probably be the best thing to actually help me decompress as it isn’t easy to relax when you are still totally connected. I must say, however, it made regular posting quite difficult.

Well, I have one another complaint – this establishment does time shares (basically the exact sales pitch i was trying to avoid at the airport)… I wish I could summon the will power I used to say no during the sales pitch to get myself back into the gym!

My trip has been amazing – incredibly relaxing (shoot – unlimited massages?!?!!??!). The food was great, the spa was breathtaking and the people/service has been wonderful.