I didn’t make it to they gym yesterday – but I did do another Sports Active workout.  I chose the “Island Whole Body Workout”.  I have a standing commitment on Monday nights and sometimes it is difficult to make to the gym beforehand.  I never thought these video game workouts would make me sweat or that I would feel it in my muscles the next today.

This one was really fun!  After a quick warm up and some jogging…

 I played squash for the first time in my life.

And I was good at it:

 the game gave me three “fantastics”.

I imagine it is much harder to do when you are actually on a court.

This just involved lunging to the left or the right and swinging the arms.

 For some reason, I struggle with the arm excersizes.  I am not sure if I am doing them wrong, or if my sensor just can’t pick up the right movements.  But the “trainer” sometimes scolds me.

 This particular workut aslo had water skiing.

The graphics were kinda cool, but I must admit that…

I WAS TERRIBLE at water skiing.

It involved lunging, leaning, standing


 I must say, the hardest part of these workouts is trying not to cheat on the excerises I hate, like the pushups and abs. (The game asks you how many push ups you did – I did 8).  Even the cat tries to discourage me:

But, the reason I am trying these workouts it so get a little bit of a core workout in – and these pseudo excercises may actually help, cause I feel it a little in my shoulders from the push-ups.  So I kept going!