Today was the Celtic Solstice 5 miler.  I had a goal for this race.  It wasn’t a time goal, bur rather a goal to think positive through the entire race.   And even though my friend canceled on me, so I did the race by myself – it might have been my best race of the year.  It’s very cute; a little parade and men in kilts.

I started in the back – so as not to start out too fast.  I am kind of competitive and will want to run at a pace that isn’t in my warehouse.  I just took it easy – listening to my Tegan and Sara.

I pushed up the hills, keeping to the same the pace as best I could, and leaning back a little.  I don’t have a Garmin and may never get one. It didn’t hurt that the only hills in this race were at the beginning.  There was a little bit of looping, which can sometimes make me pick up my pace.

I refused to let the negative thoughts in.  I pushed them all out saying, we are almost at mile 2, there is the water stop, let’s get to the lake…  I know “they” say the first mile is the hardest.  For me, I don’t start to get into it until a little after mile 3.  Once I hit the lake – I knew I could do it.  I ran around the lake, hit the downhill and still had enough energy to sprint to the finish.   The clock said 1:04; I started in the back – so, I might be a little less.  Results aren’t posted online yet.  I didn’t wait around in the cold to get my time at the tent.

I still think there is something to be said for the Galloway Method.  I had about a 12 minute mile pace.  When I stick with my 9 and 1’s.  I run around 10 or 11 minute mile and end up – including the walking around a 12 minute or so mile pace.  Although, for me, I have a mental battle once I have walked – even if only for a minute.  I was able to push forward, knowing I wanted to finish without walking.

Either way, I really like the 5 mile distance.  The 5k distance isn’t enough for me to get to the point where I start to like running.   After 4 or 5 mile runs, I start to get the endorphins kicking and I start to feel some power.  At this point, my legs are still getting a little tired at about 4.5, but I am getting there – like I said the other day, I am an athlete.

This was a fun race – led by bag pipers and wolf hounds.  PLUS – the premium is this bright blue snugly brooks shirt.  And it definitely helped to end with Adele and the Proclaimers.  Don’t judge!