Has anyone heard of the Titanium Girl Challenge???

I am not sure why I am often enticed to do things, I may normally think is crazy so I can get a medal.  Especially, when those medals just collect dust in the closet.  

Nevertheless, My success yesterday makes me want to be a Titanium Girl, and it can be done in two easy steps:

run the Athleta Iron Girl Columbia 1/2 Marathon on April 29 , 2012

and then

run the Frederick Half Marathon on May 6, 2012.

For those of you who never had calendar math in elementary school – that is 2 x 13.1 in 7 days.

There are also additional ways to get extra medals:

– the “NUT JOB” – when you run the 5k and the half at the Frederick Running Festival.

– the “MARYLAND DOUBLE” – running the Frederick Half and the Baltimore Half or Full

The way I see it, that’s 4 races and 6 medals (maybe 7, if you get a medal at the 5k)…

Plus, I am thinking the medals are much more fun now that I read this blog about turning them into Christmas tree ornaments.