Yesterday, I signed up for 3 half marathons in about 7 minutes.  It only took me that long because I had to find my wallet to pay for them.

As I was updating my racing calendar, I noticed that the only races I am officially registered for are running races.  That is partially because the Dewey Beach Tri registration doesn’t open until February.  The reason I started running was to get better at that portion of the triathlon.  Yet, here I sit – with at least 4 long distance running races and only 1 upcoming triathlons.

So, while I was watching some sloppy Sunday afternoon football, I began looking for triathlons and biking or swimming events in the area.

I found a few biking races (thanks to Oxon Hill Bike and Trail Club).  I am thinking specifically of:

The Ocean to Bay Bike Tour in Bethany, DE: 25, 35 and 50 miles through the beautiful coastal and inland bay areas of Bethany Beach-Fenwick Island, Delaware.  I think I might try for the 35 mile distance.

The Ride for the Feast from Rehoboth Beach to Baltimore looks especially fun.  My mother lives in Rehoboth – so it would be a kind of fun to bike that same route that I drive on a regular basis.  But you have to commit $1300.  If I don’t raise it, then I have to pay it.  So, I will keep thinking about that one…

In terms of triathlons – there are a few that I am thinking about:

I did the Pittsburgh Triathlon this year.  It was a ton of fun… And I would like to do better.  It is very well organized and the transition area is super secure.

The Half Full Triathlon:  I am only thinking about this one because it is close and it has a fun name.  It’s only a sprint – and it is in Centennial Lake – which has be less than enthused.  But I swam in the Allegheny River and that wasn’t too gross… maybe the lake will be ok.

The Nations Triathlon is an International/Olympic distance.  That scares me slightly (mostly cause I forget that my bike exists in the winter).  But the Aquavelo is calling my name.  Well, it’s more of a $200 whisper.  I am not sure my budget can afford a $200 race – especially since I might want to stay over in DC one or two night.

Maybe the TriRock Gettysburg – rather than Annapolis, just for something different.  But man – these series races become quite expensive.  Although, there is something to be said about Gettysburg…

Oh, so many races… so little time.

What are your favorites?  Do you do the same race over and over or try to find new ones?