With my new found motivation, I have been researching training plans. I know I need to focus on my running, and a lot of plans call for running 3-4 days a week. I plan to train at least that often, but I also need to train for an Olympic triathlon – which involves a mile or so swim and a 27 mile bike.

Shouldn’t there be an app for this!

This is sometimes problematic because the cross training in half marathon plans is not enough to excel in an Olympic triathlon, and most Olympic tri plans think you can run 5-6 miles easy. They don’t incorporate much speed work for running.

I am going to spend a good chunk of this morning trying to merge a few plans together. Plus, I need to add in a few weeks of base training. I will try to post it later this afternoon.

Woah – no wonder people make you pay for their training plans.