I have finally put a training schedule together – combining Hal Higdon’s half marathon training plan and a beginner Olympic triathlon training schedule. It is still on paper, hopefully, when I am near a real computer I can get it online.

My schedule involves 2 half marathons in about 16 weeks and the Tri at about week 28. I used the half marathon training first because that distance is definitely a weakness. I am not great on my bike, but mostly because I rarely ride it.

At any rate – there are some long runs and some long rides. I am finding it slightly daunting to think about running or biking for several hours. This is my general MO. I sign up for events, think about training and then get intimidated. (don’t let me forget, the swims are also decent distances – but I am used to pushing through on my own, since it’s much harder to talk when you swimming)

I know that if I practice, I will get better and faster, so the longer runs won’t be 3 hour runs, and hopefully the neither will the longer rides.

How does anyone have time for dating, working, hanging out with friends, and training?? There simply is not enough time to be good at all of them.