It isn’t really a resolution. It’s actually a goal. I started this blog with hopes of staying on track with my 2011 goal, which has morphed into my 2012 goal.

2012 kilometers in the year 2012

This didn’t come close to happening in 2011, but I don’t like to fail, so I am doubly determined; it’s ambitious, yet doable. 2012 kilometers in a year is about than 40 km a week.

So now, you are thinking, as am I, how am I going to accomplish this goal. That brings me to this post, which will give me a sense of accountability. I plan to post my workouts and post my kilometer count.

The Nitty Gritty:

I track the number of kilometers I run, bike, swim or walk. There is no way for this to be an exact science, but essentially – I count activities that are aerobic and anaerobic, those that get my blood pumping. So, a YES to hiking, a long recovery walk, commuter biking, or walking the dog, but a big fat NO to shopping or walking down the block to Starbucks – or more likely – Chipolte.

Figuring out the rules has proven to be much easier than going the distance. I am trusting the distance displayed at the pool, on the treadmill, and other machines at the gym and I have an odometer on my bikes. It will get a little trickier when running or walking outside, but it will work out with the help of sites like Map My Run and Google Maps (although I am thinking about getting a GPS watch, which would hold all the answers). For times when I can’t actually track the distance – I will just use my average paces. Right now, I am slow and an hour of spin class will be 20 km because on average I bike about 20 km/h.