Today I was one of those people that I usually hate, the people who join the gym in January and make my regular routines much more difficult. I really respect and appreciate those who want to make an effort to work out more by joining a gym for their New Year resolution.

This year, I lost my right to bead cause I skimped on my regular gym routines.

To make it worse, I did the same thing at a relatively new crossfit facility.

Have you heard of crossfit? It is essentially cardio combined with strength training – which they call gymnastics. This facility gives you one free workout. I have to admit that I was intimidated, and if I hadn’t had a friend with me, I might have turned myself around.

Boy, am I glad I didn’t.

It was fantastic, challenging, exciting and rewarding.

Although, we had a baby workout compared to what the class was doing – they were actually focusing on dead lifts and this crazy burpee jump on a box workout.

Lucky for us, the coach walked us through a baseline workout.
He showed us each portion of the workout, correcting our form and tailoring the activity to our abilities.

We did:
500 m row
40 air squats
30 sit ups
20 push ups and
10 pull ups

I did all of it (although I did girl pushups and I had a band assisting me on the pull ups) in… Wait for it…

11 minutes and 11 seconds.

To he honest, when I was first starting I worried I wouldn’t finish or that it would easily take me 30 minutes. But, I used that inner strength to push through. I looked at the clock – 11 minutes…

11 minutes. Woah, I am stronger than I give myself credit for.