So, I have sort of fallen off my well thought out plan for 2012. It started with enjoying myself a little too much during some football games, which made getting off the couch for anything but coffee extremely difficult. I have a few other excuses: like several early dentist appointments making morning workouts difficult and the fact that I had some insomnia and could not sleep at all. I slept about 8 or so hours in 5 days, and that includes a few disco naps. I thought about going to the gym to counteract the insomnia, but some nights, I didn’t feel comfortable driving the 1.6 miles home from work.

On Thursday, I had an amazing 90 min massage and a glass of wine, which definitely helped me sleep. An early and relaxing Friday night helped me catch up. I actually woke up before the alarm and without the desire to chuck it across the room.

The timing is amazing. I am beginning my crossfit training today. I am feeling great and I am ready to tackle this training season.