Yesterday was my first official Crossfit class. It was called “Foundations” and lasted about 3 hours (actually close to 4 hours – when they added in the baseline workout).
This is the first time I have been excited going to a gym. I am still anxious when I walk in; the workouts and the members can be a little intimidating. But, each time I think “I can’t possible do that” someone is there reassuring me and walking me through the move step by step.

During the foundations class, we walked through all the different movements, like squats, pushups, pullups, dips, situps, push jerks and cleans – don’t worry if you don’t know what those last two are – I was in the class and I am still trying to keep everything straight.

We talked a little about nutrition, but no one forced a “diet” in my face.

Then we did the baseline workout. The same workout as last time:
500m row
40 squats
30 situps
20 pushups (I did mine on my knees)
10 pullups (I had a black resistance band to help)

I thought it would be a little tougher than last time because of all the different movements we had done earlier. We had probably already done 50 squats and tons of arm stuff.

But, I did better, or in Crossfit lingo – I had more power. Same workout in 8:47. Almost 2:30 faster than my first time of 11 minutes.