I went out for a drink last night with one of my runner friends. She is fast – runs half marathons easily under 2 hours and sometimes near 1:30s.
She was setting out run 9 miles this morning and it reminded me of my need to find that inner strength.
I didn’t make the cross fit class cause if a few things at work, and I only fit in one swim.

My swim was great. It felt good; it was hard. I swam about 1000m. It took almost everything I had to get in the pool. Once I started swimming, I had a really good time and left feeling relaxed and mellowed out.

200m warm up
200m fingertip drag
400m without stopping
200m cool down

I can’t wait until next week to get started on my training program. I have said, “I’ll start Monday” so many times. In an effort to do something different and better. I am starting today.

I have a 4 mile run on the calendar for today. I am not going to let the beautiful inch of snow on the ground deter me.