Many of you may have been following my CrossFit Journey – which must have been difficulties as I was not chronicling it here very well.

I sort of gave up a little bit when they changed the class times to times that didn’t meet my schedule very well.  Either way, I have been trying to keep some sort of schedule – which has involved mostly running.

This past Sunday, I ran the Kelly Shamrock 5k.  This is an incredibly fun race – all down hill and mostly flat.  It is also fun when you run toward the back you can watch everyone running down Charles Street in Baltimore in a sea of green.

 Almost everyone where the race premium.  This year it was a long sleeve florescent green shirt.  Sorta cute in the “I can wear this at night when I want cars to see my body, but no one can see my face” kinda way.  For me, it was a gorgeous day so no to long sleeves.  Plus, I don’t wanna wear green like everyone else, so I wore black with a little green on it.

Anyway to the most important part.  I have been working on running.  I have a 10 miler in about 3 weeks that I keep forgetting about and half marathon at the end of April.  I ran this with a doable goal of under 35 minutes.  I had been running about an 10-11 minute mile in all of my training runs – none of which had been more than 3 miles.

I finished in 30:55: almost a full minute faster than the last time I ran this exact race and 35 seconds faster than my fastest 5k ever.  And closer to my goal of under 28 minutes for the right to buy myself a Garmin.

Woot Woot.

To everyone out there – Keep It Up!