Yesterday, I went for a short swim.  I was a little sore from my massage on Wednesday, and I thought the swimming would help stretch out my muscles.  I misjudged my timing, and I only had about 4o minutes to be in the pool.  I still changed clothes and headed to the pool deck.

When I got there, there was only one lane open because of the kid swim team practice.   The lane already had three people circle swimming.  Circle swimming makes me a little nervous – I get annoyed by the people who are slow in front of me and I fear that I will be that person for someone else.   I asked if I could cycle in, and luckily one lady hopped out.  So, it was just me and a man (who is about twice my age) and a women (who speaks very little English – which in itself is not a problem for me, but makes it hard to communicate as my Spanish knowledge is very weak).

I was worried for nothing.  I was actually faster than both of them, but not quite fast enough to lap the gentleman in front of me.  We stayed just about a half lane apart throughout the (very few) minutes he was left in the pool.

I was able to get into a nice groove and barely noticed that I was swimming in the lane by myself.  I picked up the space and managed to get to half mile in about 25 minutes.  Then I realized I didn’t want to fight 17 young teenagers for showers and I jumped out just in time.

Swimming really relaxes me.  I have barely been in the pool all year – so my stroke is a little rusty.  This wasn’t my best swim – I didn’t get in any kind of distance.  Yet, I managed to keep a decent pace and work up to the half mile.  More importantly – I got in a workout and I didn’t just give up when it was tough to fit it into the day.