So, yesterday I told y’all that I joined and new gym: The Meadowbrook Aquatic and Fitness Center. I have been a handful of times a few years back and liked it then, but had a few reservations about joining full time.  I left a gym that was mostly for gym fanatics.  The pool was a nice retreat because most of the folks did lots of weightlifting and treadmill running.

I went for my first swim today – they have 50 meters lanes.  I jumped in the pool and was like, “Hooray, 50 meter lanes!”.  This pool is mostly known around town as the Michael Phelps pool.  There are a lot of fast swimmers there.  Swim teams train there (many wore London 2012 caps).  Everyone has great technique – It is good to be surrounding by fast swimmers; they are motivating, but also a little intimidating; kinda the way PINK was at the Grammy’s.  Michael Phelps swam there.  He has gold medals.  I figure, I swim there, maybe I can win gold medals. 🙂

Then I swam 4 laps (400 m) and was like “Oh crap, 50 meters lanes!”.  These swimmers are fast.  They are passing me when only using a kick board.  I felt slow.  But I also felt strong.  I managed to finish an entire mile (well 1600m), but I am not quite convinced I wasn’t dog paddling the last 200m.

It was a really great workout, except I forgot my towel… Leaves quite a bit of room for improvement.