I don’t know what it is about this new gym…

It might be the change or the $100 joining fee or maybe that it is much closer to my house.  It doesn’t hurt that there are those 50 meter lanes and that since it’s an aquatic facility, there is usually an open treadmill.

At any rate… I like to go.  I am excited about my workout routine.

I want to swim, and actually have begun planning my day around getting to the gym.

I even went for a swim mid-afternoon yesterday, a Sunday.  I think this was my fourth swim since I started.   I have been slowly increasing my distance – starting at 1600m a week or so ago.  The facility splits some of the lanes in half, so that the swim team can swim uninterrupted.  So, I have done some of my laps in the 50yd half of the pool.  My goal Sunday was 2000m.  It is definitely a larger ask in a 50m lane than in the 25 yard lane.  I do enjoy coming to the end of the workout, knowing I pushed myself and that I don’t have much energy left.  I am still at a point, where I am trying to build up my stamina.  I am not even timing myself in the pool.

I must say – it will take a long time to get to 2014km if I am only doing 2km a day.