I spent the last week in the Dominican Republic.

The beautiful all inclusive had a gym at the nearby sister hotel, but not at our location.  We did however have an ocean.  It was clear crystal blue water.  In fact, I actually tried to swim from the one hotel to the other hotel.


It is about 1000m.  I thought to myself: that is nothing… I can do that…  I have swam miles!  Woah… was I wrong.  I like to believe that the current was super strong, but I suppose it’s me who isn’t super strong.  I swam and swam and swam and went absolutely nowhere.   Then I kept swimming and still went nowhere.  Luckily my friends gave me a 10 minute head start, so I didn’t have that far to catch up when I got out of the water.


I must say, I was super thankful for the amazing pool.  I know I have mentioned my love for the 50m lanes.  This pool was even longer.  And there were not that many people swimming in it, so it was easy to jump in a do a few laps.

I don’t think I did too much working out on vacation.  I do think it’s the last time, I take sneakers.  I probably had an imprint of the lounge chair on my back.  I did manage to do about 10 laps each day – which  is something.  

I could really use some tips for fitting in workouts in my ever so busy schedule of reading by the pool, having drinks by the beach and then reading by the pool.  Thoughts?