I am not an athlete.

I didn’t play sports in high school and was quite terrible one on the “everyone gets to play” softball team in middle school.

I currently live in Baltimore, Maryland and work for the City Schools.  I have always loved watching sports, but never really felt like I was any good at playing them.



In 2007, my mother challenged me to do a triathlon,


she beat me – 30 years older with an artificial hip.


I learned 2 things that day.  I could do more than I ever thought I could and I am actually quite competitive.  I had a great time – so much so, that I have been doing triathlons just about every year since.

Yet, I have developed a pattern.

I usually complete the event… very slowly.  Frustrated, I think, if only I had trained; I certainly would have done better.  I certainly would have beat my mom.  And basically, the cycle starts all over.I find fun looking races — sign up for them three months ahead of time — intend to train — forget to train…