Crap! It’s February!

And I haven’t even started. Yikes!

Maybe I should change the tagline for this blog…

Anyway, I joined a new gym and have updated the calendar – so that is a start.



Oh, yesterday was gorgeous even here in the Mid-Atlantic. I celebrated with a short run with the dog (I wasn’t wearing the right sports bra to go very far – someone needs to remind me to get a better one before my 10 miler – OUCH!).

It was so nice. I remember running that same route during my initial training sessions and struggling the entire time. I would have to walk and I’d cry a little inside.

Today, it was easy and quick. In fact, I was able to add an extra loop around the lake.  I stopped for the dog to do her thing and a couple other times when I got a little overheated. Even though, I didn’t go as far as I needed too, it sure was nice to have a successful and motivating run.



Circle Swimming

Yesterday, I went for a short swim.  I was a little sore from my massage on Wednesday, and I thought the swimming would help stretch out my muscles.  I misjudged my timing, and I only had about 4o minutes to be in the pool.  I still changed clothes and headed to the pool deck.

When I got there, there was only one lane open because of the kid swim team practice.   The lane already had three people circle swimming.  Circle swimming makes me a little nervous – I get annoyed by the people who are slow in front of me and I fear that I will be that person for someone else.   I asked if I could cycle in, and luckily one lady hopped out.  So, it was just me and a man (who is about twice my age) and a women (who speaks very little English – which in itself is not a problem for me, but makes it hard to communicate as my Spanish knowledge is very weak).

I was worried for nothing.  I was actually faster than both of them, but not quite fast enough to lap the gentleman in front of me.  We stayed just about a half lane apart throughout the (very few) minutes he was left in the pool.

I was able to get into a nice groove and barely noticed that I was swimming in the lane by myself.  I picked up the space and managed to get to half mile in about 25 minutes.  Then I realized I didn’t want to fight 17 young teenagers for showers and I jumped out just in time.

Swimming really relaxes me.  I have barely been in the pool all year – so my stroke is a little rusty.  This wasn’t my best swim – I didn’t get in any kind of distance.  Yet, I managed to keep a decent pace and work up to the half mile.  More importantly – I got in a workout and I didn’t just give up when it was tough to fit it into the day.


Massages are a girl’s best friend when it comes to keeping up a workout routine.

I continually have to remind myself to keep my shoulders back and to relax when I am running, biking or swimming.

After a massage, everything becomes so much easier.  My shoulders are already relaxed and I feel like I can glide through the water.

Everyone (even those of us – not on a serious regimented training schedule) can benefit from a massage.  I think the muscles need a chance to recover.  My shoulders hold a lot of tension and probably some lactic acid for pushing them too far.

I like to get regular massages.  My mother says they make me nicer.  But, I always schedule one around my long races or when during my tapering weeks.  I think they are a nice way to relax and treat your body to little treat.


Many of you may have been following my CrossFit Journey – which must have been difficulties as I was not chronicling it here very well.

I sort of gave up a little bit when they changed the class times to times that didn’t meet my schedule very well.  Either way, I have been trying to keep some sort of schedule – which has involved mostly running.

This past Sunday, I ran the Kelly Shamrock 5k.  This is an incredibly fun race – all down hill and mostly flat.  It is also fun when you run toward the back you can watch everyone running down Charles Street in Baltimore in a sea of green.

 Almost everyone where the race premium.  This year it was a long sleeve florescent green shirt.  Sorta cute in the “I can wear this at night when I want cars to see my body, but no one can see my face” kinda way.  For me, it was a gorgeous day so no to long sleeves.  Plus, I don’t wanna wear green like everyone else, so I wore black with a little green on it.

Anyway to the most important part.  I have been working on running.  I have a 10 miler in about 3 weeks that I keep forgetting about and half marathon at the end of April.  I ran this with a doable goal of under 35 minutes.  I had been running about an 10-11 minute mile in all of my training runs – none of which had been more than 3 miles.

I finished in 30:55: almost a full minute faster than the last time I ran this exact race and 35 seconds faster than my fastest 5k ever.  And closer to my goal of under 28 minutes for the right to buy myself a Garmin.

Woot Woot.

To everyone out there – Keep It Up!

No More Waiting ‘Til Monday

I went out for a drink last night with one of my runner friends. She is fast – runs half marathons easily under 2 hours and sometimes near 1:30s.
She was setting out run 9 miles this morning and it reminded me of my need to find that inner strength.
I didn’t make the cross fit class cause if a few things at work, and I only fit in one swim.

My swim was great. It felt good; it was hard. I swam about 1000m. It took almost everything I had to get in the pool. Once I started swimming, I had a really good time and left feeling relaxed and mellowed out.

200m warm up
200m fingertip drag
400m without stopping
200m cool down

I can’t wait until next week to get started on my training program. I have said, “I’ll start Monday” so many times. In an effort to do something different and better. I am starting today.

I have a 4 mile run on the calendar for today. I am not going to let the beautiful inch of snow on the ground deter me.

Toboggan… I Mean Tabata

Yesterday, was MLK Jr. Day, so schools were closed. That gave me all morning to do laundry, walk the dog and clean up a little.

With all my excitement for the Crossfit gym, I have not been swimming, running or biking. So, I am behind on my goal and on my training. But, I am slightly addicted to Crossfit and the Workout of the Day.

At any rate, I figured that I would be sore, so I tried to fit in a run beforehand. It wasn’t a great run, i hit every red light on the way to the gym and had to fight for a treadmill, but did manage to run a little over 2 miles (it wasn’t fast – about 25 min with warm up and cool down), but it’s a start.

My Crossfit buddy and I planned on going to out first real class at 1230. We thought there would be less people and it would be easier to be a newbie.

Boy, oh boy, were we wrong.
The WOD:

Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps

Tabata Kettlebell Swing + Tabata Double Unders

If that sounds Greek to you, then you know exactly how I felt when I read the board. I thought: I just spent 4 hours in a class we didn’t learn anything about a back squat or a toboggan, I mean winnebago, I mean WHAT?!?

But, the coach was amazing and so was another newish girl who joined our little group. In addition, the coach we met on our first free day was there and very encouraging. They should us the proper technique, watched as we increase the weight an gave pointers on form.

I amazingly warmed up with 5 reps with a 35lb bar. My first set was with 55lbs and I was able to keep increasing my 5lbs. So, it was 5 reps at 55, 60, 65, 70 and 75!!!!

It was so hard, but I did it.

Then we moved onto the toboggan workout. A tabata is 20 seconds on with 10 seconds off times 8. First kettle ball swings and then the jump rope. We counted our lowest rep each.

I could only do about max 8 or 9 kettle ball swings and by the 4th round, I had to switch to a lighter weight. My lowest was 6.

I am new to jump rope. I can’t fathom a double under. But, I did ok – mostly about 25-30 singles in 20 seconds. But, my lowest was 23.

I was feeling a little discouraged, but everyone was so encouraging – saying I’m glad you guys came back and this was your first one and you made it!

I did make it. I didn’t die. And I feel stronger. I am a little sore, so I didn’t get my swim in today… But it really feels good. It has been a long time since I felt the effects of a workout a day or two later.

I need to remember to do a before shot to compare to the later shot down the road.