Oh, as a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, last night was just plain awful.  I knew it would be tough to win against the strong San Francisco 49ers.  But, my team didn’t even make a stand.  It was as if they didn’t show up.  Sad, sad, sad face   😦 

I don’t have cable – so I have to go somewhere to watch the Monday night games.  I also live in Baltimore, where just about everyone roots against my team at every chance they get.  so, everyone always has something to say.  Good for me when we win, but very annoying when we lose.  I was up very late because the lights went out and it kept delaying the game.

I am barely recovering from last night.

But, I am hoping for a good run tonight along the harbor.

On a side note, I did get these extra fun Cushe WildTrip Boots for a great deal (50% off) at The Clymb, which is kind of a daily deal kind of site for outdoorsy athletic wear.